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Millennials are leading the shift toward texting and away from calling, and experts are wondering whether our social development is suffering as a consequence.

Source: Why Millennials Are Texting More And Talking Less – Forbes

This articles  says that  messaging is the modern form of communications and voice mail is outdated and ineffective.  In fact “Many see the phone as overly intrusive, even presumptuous.” It certainly can be very invasive, whereas one has more flexibility with a text message. You can think about it a bit or out it off while you fish a job. One can also  skip the small talk and “get right to the point.”

Latest Stats on Messaging

In terms of statistics here are the facts:  Sixty Eight Percent  of millennials 18 to 29 years old say they texted “a lot” but only 47 percent of 30- to 49-year-olds claim the same. For the seniors only 26% of the  50- to 64-year-olds said they text a lot.

Th average monthly voice minutes used by 18- to 34-year-olds dropped from  1,200 in 2008 to 900 in 2010 while texting by Millennials  grew from  600 to over 1,400 texts a month.

Downside to Texting

The report warns, however, that texting has its downside. “Messages are so condensed that they often fail to convey the sender’s intended meaning and tone, causing misunderstandings—and that’s not even factoring in the confusion of “autocorrect fails.”  To eliminate these misunderstandings, messaging apps like Viber and Line have even experimented with more visually-based texting that’s virtually impossible to misinterpret.



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  1. This is a good perspective on why millennials don’t like to use the phone – it applies to everyone equally as well: Anna Fitzpatrick senior editor of Profit Guide sums it up: “[Phone calls] can be inconvenient; they require both parties to be free simultaneously, reasons Jenna Wortham, a writer for New York Times Magazine who covers tech and digital culture. While the phone still works for longer conversations or pre-scheduled meetings, it’s just a time suck when you have to correspond with dozens of people a day.” http://www.profitguide.com/manage-grow/sales-marketing/ask-a-millennial-anna-fitzpatrick-why-are-you-afraid-of-the-phone-103857


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