Working with YouTubers is like “PR on steroids” | The Drum

Asda's head of social questions effectiveness of traditional media as working with YouTubers is like “PR on steroids” | The Drum.

Dominic Burch, head of Asada Supermarkets, explains that it costs £150,000 a day for print advertising, but they have paid out only £100,000 to it YouTubers and has already seen “incredible” results.

The supermarket handed over control of their channel ‘Mum’s Eye View’ to YouTubers and engagement has soared. Asda video usually get a thousand or so views, but content on the Mum’s Eye View channel has pulled in one million total views and is averaging around 40,000 per video after only 14 weeks.

Heading the success was Jim Chapman, a YouTube sensation who has amassed 1.5 million subscribers to his channel.

He turns down offers because companies “want to make an ad” and not content that will resonate with his audience.

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