Airbnb’s CEO Confronted by Stephen Colbert | VentureBeat

Airbnb’s CEO explains his company in a way Stephen Colbert can understand | VentureBeat | Business | by Joey Cosco, Business Insider.


I changed the heading to confronted by Stephen Colbert because Stephens starts by suggesting AirBnB business model is like prostitution. Of course it the Colbert Humour but it could make any business man shudder.  Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky took it with a smile and quickly assert himself as a passionate campainer for a an alternative way for people to travel. It is clear that his model has caught on. The company is in every country except 4. And 25% of the 600,00 who attended Braziles World Soccer, stayed in an AirBnB property.

Read the article and see the video of the confrontation at

OK confrontation is a strong word, but even with a smile and with humour, its Stephen Colberts Style..

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