Re-Branding in the Digital Age to Preserve SEO

When a Name Change Can Destroy Search Rank

I was recently leading a re-branding initiative for a hospitality business so this article caught my eye. Should have read it before the project perhaps but re-branding in the digital age is a long term project and we learn and adapt as we move forward. In the case of my client, formerly know as Poinsettia Apartments St. Lucia, they want to move from being an apartment holiday resort to more accurately reflect the reality of their target client who is the independent minded traveller. The new brand will see the url change to PoinsttiaVillas with the tag line of “St. Lucia Ocean view Villa Resort”. The lines between what is an an apartment and a villa are redefined today as apartments like those at poinsettia take on the attributions in space, privacy and services now associated with a villa resort.

The Digital Footprint is Ubiquitous

The digital footprint for Poinsettia, is however, deep with backlinks, Press Releases, videos, blogs and articles that anchor them in time and place as a holiday vacation apartment. It will take time to build the new identity and in the process we must preserve their first page ranking and authority of the existing brand. Even the best SEO experts and brand professional will fall into the history trap. We know a lot about SEO but their were some surprises that made the heart rate jump. We will share that with you in an upcoming post.

Branding Hot Buttons

To abandon a brand such as st. lucia apartment and change to “villas”¬† would ignore the past and present and simple wipe the brand off the map long before you could build a new one.¬† With all the best precautions you simple cannot be sure what will happen. In our case Google just did not re-index the site as we expected and the team had long hours of work to make that happen. I will share the entire story with you soon. For the re-branding job we called in one of the worlds top marketers, Deigo Rodriguez the founder of power marketing consultants a world wide association of some 200 specially trained consultants which AXSES all Cast Marketing joined in 2015. Diego was instrumental in helping define the target market more clearly and pin pointing the hot-buttons or triggers which motivate these buyers. All about that and the science of buying motivators will follow in a future article.

Branding Strategies & Tools

So now let let me share this article about re-branding with you. Its by Lisa MacKenzie founder of the MacKenzie marketing Group and the entire article is available on Weebly: How Does a Branding Company Re-Brand? Insider Tips from a Branding Expert – Lisa talks about PrestoBox, which we will cover later also. Lisa says “PrestoBox offers a great process that helps you think about yourself as a company in a more personal way. Instead of relying on written briefs, PrestoBox articulates your core values through fun images. The interface is elegant and simple and the tools are really easy to use and thought provoking. It takes you through a very streamlined path to branding without a lot of meetings, reviews and discussion.”

Her article is based on her own real life experience of re-branding her own company. It is worth reading. Keep in contact with us on these pages as we put together a full analysis of our clients and other brand campaigns to give you the best insights on re-branding in the digital age, where SEO and history take on a significance and permanence you should not ignore.

Rebrand to Preserve SEO

As Lisa say branding is “more than just the logo. A brand should include all of the parts and pieces: your website, your business card, even the patterns and colors that you put on your wall!” to which we add “a Brand on the internet that is already ranking on search engines will loose its entire history and place if you do not phase it well. More on that soon. In the meantime have a look at a work in progress on the rebranding of Poinsettia villa apartments for rent in St. Lucia – Click here for the least work and check out the carefully crafted video on what the Independent traveller wants>>. St. Lucia – moving to Villa Aparments and finally to St. Lucia Ocean View villa Resort.

Here is one of the re-branding videos

re-branding in the digital age

re branding


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