How to Deal with Travel Writers: Bloggers vs. Journalists | Mark Chesnut

How to Deal with Travel Writers, Part 1: Bloggers vs. Journalists | Mark Chesnut.

This is a great adjunct to our series on Brand Culture. It highlights the merger of journalism, blogging and online media in the travel market. In addition to pointing out the changes in the media, the article offer useable advice on how to find writers to cover your story and how to select the ones that best fit your own style and markets.

Mark says you need “writers, bloggers, social media types — who are good at building high-quality followings and influencing their followers’ decisions.” These are the influencers who publish and post a lot about travel, and help other people to make up their minds about what they want to do when they travel.

He also suggest you join the Travel Bloggers Exchange. “Their annual conventions — which take place in Asia, North America and Europe — attract some of the most active travel bloggers, with workshops, presentations and the chance to network.”

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Related -Content Marketing Case Study: Marketing Tourism with Horse Whispers. It shows how a simple moment can multiply your marketing reach and brand visibility. In this case the story is published and promoted by Press Releases, videos, blogs and articles across a network on social media, video sites and web properties. All tactics are detailed in the article. Traffic is driven to an information page with a special offer of “Beach Villa Holidays” for the independent minded traveller. The sort of person who will find beach living and the HorseWhispers article appealing. It is all part of the new Brand-Culture where destinations, hotels and tourism operators are taking the initiative to tell the story of their own brand and destination.

Marks Presentation On Travel Writing

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