Latest Travel Audit Shows How Travelers Shop Online

Phoenix Marketing International Online Travel Audit Reveals How Business and Leisure Travelers Are Using Online Travel Ecommerce Sites | Phoenix Marketing International.   Phoenix Marketing International’s Online Travel Audit, finds that both business and leasure travelers are mist likely to use Online Travel Agencies and Sites like TripAdvisor. For business travelers, Kayak is the site […]

Why Travel Shoppers Don’t Book

In our last blog about the Qubit report we focused on the differences between travel shopping and retail and particularly how we might boost conversion and bookings by understanding the anomalies of travel. Whats equally interesting and important to understand are the tree main differences that define the travel shopper. 1. Conversion rates are lower. […]

Hotels drive personalisation to own the ‘stay’

How hotels own the ‘stay’ to drive personalisation to new levels | Travel Industry News & Conferences – EyeforTravel. We have shared a number of articles on personalisation in the last month, this one takes the view that hotels can step ahead of the OTAs by being really personal, and it starts long before the […]

10 Travel Technology & Distribution Trends | PhoCusWright

10 travel technology and distribution trends. The overriding trends is diversification in marketing: That actually is my take on it and somewhat consistent with the HotelNewsNow report which draws on the PhoCusWright summary folloing WTM in 2013. HotelNewsNow starts with how new content patterns are challenging distribution and again this is about diversification in content […]

The future of travel: 8 things you need to know

The future of travel: eight things you need to know | Marketing Magazine. Dr Graeme Codrington Futurist and an international expert on the new world of work, points out that “There is more computing power in your smartphone than NASA used to get Neil Armstrong to the moon”. And with that Codrington says that the […]